Air conditioning

LightwaveRF’s Electric Switch can be used to shut off the power to an air conditioning cassette when a temperature threshold has been met. This means that the end user will only have the ability to operate the air conditioning when a set temperature has been reached. The air-conditioning will also be shut off when the temperature has gone below a set point. This will help to save energy by preventing excessive cooling. Electric Switches can be scheduled in order to allow the air-conditioning to be used only during specific building occupation hours.

Reduce heat loss from open windows

Air conditioning only functions correctly in enclosed areas; it cannot operate effectively if a window or door in the target area is open. If a window or door is kept open for a prolonged period, the air-conditioning unit will keep working hard in vain to cool the space, yet the target may never be reached. This wastes energy (up to 46% based on the findings of Warwick University). A LightwaveRF Magnetic Trigger can be linked to the Electric Switch and will automatically turn off the air-conditioning if a window is opened. The power will then be restored once the window is closed.

Potential Savings

Air conditioning cassettes typically use around 3.5kW an hour whilst attempting to cool an area. Taking more stringent and accurate control of these temperatures whilst ensuring the unit is not working whilst windows are open will produce significant savings.

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