Automatic ventilation

Reduce air-conditioning use

LightwaveRF can provide a low cost way to automate the daily opening and closing of windows. These operations can be triggered and scheduled via the LightwaveRF App for each opening window casement that can be fitted with a motorised opener. Opening a window when a critical temperature is reached prevents the need for air conditioning (and the energy consumption that comes with that operation) to be turned on. Also, automated temperature based control can shut the window once the temperature threshold has been passed and avoid over-cooling.

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Increase wellbeing

Care homes and other institutional buildings can be particularly prone to infectious diseases. Health and well-being can benefit greatly from regular air circulation and improved ventilation. Automated windows provide an easy, controllable, scheduled method for dealing with this.


Potential Savings

Air conditioning cassettes typically use around 3.5kW an hour whilst attempting to cool an area. Opening windows based on temperature rise and fall improves the natural cooling process and reduces the need for expensive air-conditioning.

Electric Switches can be scheduled in order to allow the windows to be opened automatically during specific periods. This means that staff time is not spent managing the system.