Controlling electric heating

App control & scheduling

Just like a LightwaveRF TRV can control a standard wet radiator, a LightwaveRF Electric Switch can be used to control an electric radiator. The huge advantage of this, is that electric panel radiators or towel rails can now be scheduled and controlled from the App along with the rest of the central heating which allows for a mixed heating system. Using the App, you can also monitor temperature and turn on the switch remotely from anywhere.


The Electric Switch can cope with up to 3000W. It is easy to install, and can be wired as a simple interuption to your existing cabling to the heater. It is not a replacement for a fused spur, and if you require a fused spur, you will have to include one seperately. It is legal to position the switch inside a bathroom, but, as it is not waterpoof, it must be outside of the ‘spash zone’ surrounding sinks and baths, etc. Please be sure to check regulations if you are unsure.