How does it differ from a domestic install?

Larger installs

With LightwaveRF, commercial installs can essentially be treated as large domestic installs, as the principles remain the same: retrofit modules that are controlled wirelessly via an app and Lightwave Link RF hub. However, commercial installs may require many more devices than a standard domestic install; therefore, they also require several LightwaveRF Links (depending on the size of the site) to extend range over a larger area, and an extended app through which to control, monitor and schedule them.

The Web App

Whilst the LightwaveRF App can still be used in commercial installs, the LightwaveRF Web App is a more useful tool with which to organise very large installs from a PC or tablet because of its expanded layout and exra features. This app is based on a web page, so it can be viewed from anywhere, and the commercial version has many more features than the standard domestic App.

See what the commercial version of the Web App can offer.

Contact us for advice

For large projects, it is a good idea to get in touch with us directly so that we can advise you as to how LightwaveRF can help. For some ideas, be sure to check out some of our suggested applications in the commercial installs section of the website. It is important to get in touch if you have a large project, as you may need multiple Lightwave Links and many devices. You may also need a commercial version of the Web App software to be provided for you. There is also the possiblilty of making some basic customisation if the project requires it, although please contact us to see if this is possbile and how much it may cost.

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