How much energy can i save?

Don't heat an empty home

With the LightwaveRF App and boiler controls you can now make sure that your heating is not left running if you decide to stay out later. Heating schedules are inflexible and unsuited to hectic modern lifestyles. Not only can you turn on your heating when you are about to arrive home, but you can also make sure that the heating stays off if you are staying out late.

Turn off empty rooms

The LightwaveRF Radiator Valve can really help you to save energy. What some people don’t always realise, is that this applies even if your central heating boiler is still running, because turning off or reducing the set temperature of some radiators in the home means that the boiler isn’t having to provide heat to those unused rooms. Heat energy is not lost through those radiators, and the boiler therefore is not having to work as hard to reheat the water in the system.

Stop heatloss through windows

Making sure that heat is not lost thorough open windows can save a massive amount of energy. Magnetic Switches and Triggers can be attached to a window or door frame using a simple adhesive strip. When the window is open, they will automatically instruct LightwaveRF devices, such as a dimmer or socket in the case of the Magnetic Switch, or radiator valve in the case of the Magnetic Trigger, to turn on or off, or in the case of the radiator valve, to turn down the radiator temperature. During a trial at the University of Warwick, the most significant savings were made by turning down radiators in rooms with open windows,

University of Warwick study

Turning off radiators in unoccupied rooms and making sure that heat was not lost thorough open windows helped us to save up to 46% on energy costs during an official trial at The University of Warwick.