Radmiser specialise in smart intuitive building management solutions to assist energy saving initiatives, health & safety (Legionella) risk assessment responsibilities, and waste management. Solutions will appeal typically to sectors such as Holiday Park Homes, Student Accommodation, Schools, Universities, Care homes, Healthcare and Facilities Managers.

We supply numerous retro-fit wireless devices to address the control, monitoring and actioning of various products to enable cost savings across many platforms of industry. The devices use IoT cloud based software data gathering to enable Facilities Managers and SMEs to control buildings` in the energy and healthy water areas so often controlled with labour intensive solutions.

Energy consumption is controlled and monitored to enable efficient use of heating, lighting and power according to occupancy or booking schedules. All can be controlled without physical visits and can be integrated into existing APIs.

Remote water temperature sensors deliver real time data for hot, cold and blended water faucets and storage tanks to signal and alert building managers to potential Legionella and scalding risks and allow timely intervention to support risk assessments in these areas.

Further applications include smart analysis of workplace occupancy and waste disposal scheduling by way of bin sensors constantly monitoring capacity to enable optimum collection rounds and eliminating unnecessary ones. These typically could relate to general waste rubbish points, Glass recycling storage bins etc. The opportunities for savings are endless across numerous sectors of industry.