Realtime & historic data

Data logging

LightwaveRF provides the ability to view energy or temperature data in realtime via the Smartphone or Web App. Data can now also be recorded, logged and recalled as ‘historic data’. It can be presented for comparison with other days or devices in graphical format using the Web App. For commercial customers, on request, we can also export this data as a csv or Excel file for further anaylsis or archiving.

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Energy Data

Energy data is recorded and plotted on a graph as an avergage reading over a period of half an hour. This is ideal for spotting trendings over a long period. For a more detailed breakdown, energy graphs also display ‘spot readings’ which are triggered whenever the Energy Monitor detects a change in electrical current. With this detailed information, you can see when various electrical devices were activated, for how long and at what time. The graphs also allow you to compare consumption totals and patterns on different days of the week.

Heating Data

‘Heating data’ includes the current temperature reading, target temperature, and device output status (on/off or output level for the Radiator Valves). You can also make comparisons between devices and rooms. By analysing heating data, you can see if a room is under or over heated, or badly insulated depending on how long it takes to heat up. You can also check on someones wellbeing by seeing if and when they have been heating their home. This detailed information can highlight adjustments that can be made to heating schedules and temperatures that can save energy and provide added comfort.