Reducing heatloss from windows

Reducing heatloss from windows

Many of us will open a window in an overheated room instead of turning down the radiator. This can be especially common if radiator control is difficult or inaccessible, or if it is part of a shared system in a building of multiple occupancy. Not directly contributing to heating bills is a significant disincentive to save energy. A great deal of heat energy can be wasted when windows are left open, as it results in the heating system working hard to heat a space that never reaches temperature.

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A quick & simple solution

LightwaveRF has a solution to this problem: a LightwaveRF Magnetic Trigger that can be attached to a window or door frame using a simple adhesive strip. When the window is open, it will automatically instruct a LightwaveRF radiator valve situated in the room to turn down the radiator temperature and then automatically restore it to temperature on closing. This prevents the heating system from working overtime to heat a space that is open to the cold outdoors.

Potential savings

The DECC funded LightwaveRF study undertaken at Warwick University found that, on a regular basis windows were left open whilst the heating was left on. It was recommended that each radiator
be fitted with a LightwaveRF TRV and an adjacent window be fitted with a LightwaveRF Magnetic Trigger. Based on the LightwaveRF install, the resultant Thermal Modelling Report concluded that energy waste could be reduced by up to 46% if radiators were automatically turned down when office windows were left open.