Keeping the heat off

Control your heating room by room from anywhere.

Retrofit technology enabling intelligent control

Monitor, schedule, control

Using a LightwaveRF heating solution, the boiler and every radiator can be individually controlled and monitored from a smartphone, tablet or PC using the LightwaveRF App. Create weekly profiles, monitor and set the temperature in real‑time. Save money and energy whilst maintaining comfort when you need it most.


Control and schedule electric radiators

Electric radiators and air conditioning can be controlled and monitored using an electric switch. These devices then can be scheduled alongside TRVs as part of a larger heating system.


Room by room control

LightwaveRF thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) work in combination with a LightwaveRF boiler switch to provide a fully remote controlled zoned heating system at a very low cost. The Magnetic Trigger can detect open windows and turn down the temperature of an individual radiator fitted with the LightwaveRF Radiator Valve therefore saving energy.


What can I do with LightwaveRF heating?

It was once casually suggested that there were probably ‘101 ways’ that you could use LightwaveRF. We later decided to challenge ourselves to come up with them. Click on the scenarios below to discover just some of the 101 things that you can do that involves LightwaveRF heating.

The LightwaveRF Home Thermostat and Boiler Switch allow you to monitor, schedule and control your boiler in real-time manually or from your smartphone, tablet or PC. This can be done at or away from home. Introducing smartphone control of your boiler means that you can control your heating schedule and set real time temperatures from anywhere at any time. This is not only convenient in terms of comfort, but it can also save you energy. If you are unexpectedly out late, make sure that you don’t heat an empty house, but use your phone to turn on the boiler 30 minutes before you return.

101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 16 Remotely manage my holiday home

LightwaveRF is very useful for monitoring and managing a second home, holiday home or static caravan. The energy monitor will allow you to keep an eye on power consumption; plugin sockets or dimmers can put on lights on a timer for security; Radiator Valves and Boiler control can make sure that the heating is under control and warm the house before you or your guests arrive; and relays or power sockets can manage gates, curtains or switch off anything that may have been left on.


101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 4 Reduce heatloss from windows

A lot of energy can be wasted when windows are left open in a heated room. When attached to a window frame, a LightwaveRF Magnetic Trigger can automatically instruct a LightwaveRF radiator valve to turn down the radiator temperature when it detects an open window. It will then automatically restore the temperature when the window is closed.

101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 3 Control heating room by room

Heating the whole house can be wasteful. Often, every room is heating, but most remain unoccupied. By turning down radiators in rooms that are not being used with LightwaveRF Radiator Valves, significant energy can be saved.

Energy is saved because demand on the boiler, and the rate at which fuel is being burned is reduced. When you consider that a radiator at maximum output can expend as much energy as an electric fire or kettle, it is easy to see how a bit of extra control can help to save energy and money.