Sense & sensitivity

Knowledge is power.

Monitor energy usage in realtime

LightwaveRF has a growing range of sensors that can measure your energy use. The electricity monitor is a plug and play battery operated device that clamps around your incoming electricity cable and sends live electricity usage data straight to your smartphone via the Lightwave Link. Gas and water monitoring is due to be added to the range in 2016.


PIR movement sensors, triggers & cameras

The LightwaveRF PIR will detect movement and automatically turn on/off a LightwaveRF lighting or power device. Due to be added to the range from late 2016 are triggers and web cameras. Triggers, such as the Magnetic Trigger, are designed to communicate with the Lightwave Link and initiate preset actions for other LightwaveRF devices.


View historic data

The ability to view historic data in graphical format is due to be added to the LightwaveRF range in late 2016. This will allow energy or temperature data from LightwaveRF thermostats and radiator valves to be plotted and compared over customisable time frames.


What can i do with LightwaveRF sensors?

It was once casually suggested that there were probably ‘101 ways’ that you could use LightwaveRF. We later decided to challenge ourselves to come up with them. Click on the scenarios below to discover just some of the 101 things that you can do that involve LightwaveRF sensors.

101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 11 From dusk till dawn

Using the LightwaveRF App and Link, you can set lights or lamps to automatically come on at dusk or dawn everyday. The dusk and dawn timer automatically adjusts to cope with the changing light, making it much more sophisticated than a standard timer.

Any LightwaveRF lighting or power device, such as a dimmer, plug-in or in-line relay, can be timed in this way. It’s a very cost effective way to provide this intelligent solution throughout the home.