Light up your life

A unique range of smart lighting solutions.

Stylish, designer dimmers & switches

Our smartphone controlled soft start dimmers, scene selectors and wire-free switches come in four designer metallic finishes including stainless steel, chrome and white. Each dimmer is designed to work manually just like a standard light switch, so that the control technology does not prove invasive. Everything is inbuilt, and no extra wiring or modules are needed. Simple.


Scene lighting and plug & play options

The wireless scene lighting controller, mood remote or wire-free switch can trigger pre-set lighting combinations involving several LightwaveRF dimmers and plug-ins. Stand or table lamps can be dimmed and switched on or off using Plug and Play options such as a LightwaveRF plug-in socket, or switched on or off using a LightwaveRF 13A socket.


Easy to install & LED compatible

LightwaveRF dimmers are genuine retrofit and can be installed in minutes, as they utilise standard back boxes and wiring configurations (including 2-way). Every product is fully legal to install in your own home or by anyone Part-P qualified. As well as halogen and incandescent lamps, the 400 series dimmers are designed to operate with selected dimmable Megaman LEDs and will accommodate many other brands.


What can I do with LightwaveRF lighting control?

It was once casually suggested that there were probably ‘101 ways’ that you could use LightwaveRF. We later decided to challenge ourselves to come up with them. Click on the scenarios below to discover just some of the 101 things that you can do that involves LightwaveRF lighting control.

101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 11 From dusk till dawn

Using the LightwaveRF App and Link, you can set lights or lamps to automatically come on at dusk or dawn everyday. The dusk and dawn timer automatically adjusts to cope with the changing light, making it much more sophisticated than a standard timer.

Any LightwaveRF lighting or power device, such as a dimmer, plug-in or in-line relay, can be timed in this way. It’s a very cost effective way to provide this intelligent solution throughout the home.


101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 9 Scene control

Scene control provides a very convenient way to set the level of all of your room lights at once and recall it as a favourite saved setup. With the press of a single button on a LightwaveRF Mood Remote or Controller, Scene Setter, or the App, you can dim selected lights and lamps to provide the perfect atmosphere for watching a movie or to create a relaxed mood for entertaining guests. You can even include power sockets into the scene.

Traditionally, scene lighting has been complex, expensive and hardwired. LightwaveRF is different. It’s wireless, much simpler to install and setup, and more affordable! New modules can be added at any time, and adjustments to preset scenes can be made in seconds. Any LightwaveRF dimmers, power sockets or plug-in sockets can be included into a scene.


101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 10 Simulated Occupancy

Using the LightwaveRF app to set a random timer event, you can ensure that your lights will turn on and off at random times whilst you are away, during the evening or on holiday. This provides added security by giving the illusion that you are at home when you are not.

The random timer is better than a set timer, as the illusion is more complete. With a Lightwave Link and the LightwaveRF app, you can achieve simulated occupancy with as little as a lamp plugged into a plug-in dimmer.


101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 13 Wake me up gently

If you have a LightwaveRF dimmer or plug-in dimmer in your bedroom, then setting an event on the app will allow you to turn on the lights at a low level, which you can gradually increase in increments.

What does this mean for you? This can be a wonderful way to help you to wake up gradually in the morning, as it simulates a natural increase in sunlight.

101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 1 Wire-free 2-way

The Wire-free Switch provides a simple, quick wireless alternative to cabled 2-Way switching. Once you have retrofitted one LightwaveRF Dimmer, rather than adding a 2-Way Switch you can wirelessly link a Wire-free Switch.

It can be screwed to a backbox or attached to any surface using the adhesive pads provided. The Wire-free Switch above all provides unprecedented flexibility and allows you to add any number of extra light switches wherever you want without having to cable.