The Lightwave Link & wireless range

Superior range

The range of the Lightwave Link will typically cover 15-20 meters indoors in any direction. This includes penetration through internal brick walls, and much greater range can be expected in open field conditions. Because it uses a lower bandwidth, the penetration of LightwaveRF is considerably greater than WiFi and other communications protocols such as Bluetooth, Zigbee or Zwave and provides one of its main advantages over other comparable solutions.

Maximising performance

The Lightwave Link should comfortably cover a large house, however it is possible, as with Wifi, to find hard to reach spots. Large bodies of water (such as a hot water tank), thick stone walls, or big metal objects (such as a cast iron radiator) can provide barriers to radio, and it is best to avoid placing radio based devices adjacent to them if possible. Placing the Lightwave Link as high up as possible (1st floor or loft) also improves radio range and penetration. Handset and Wire-free switch range is not as strong as the Link, and for this reason they are best suited to controlling devices within the same room.

Extending the range

A Signal Booster can be used to repeat and extend the range of up to six lighting or power commands from the LightwaveRF link. This is intended for use in an extension or garden that may be hard to reach. The device is water proof and can be placed outside.

For larger and commercial sites, multiple Lightwave Links can be used on the same network to increase range coverage. This feature is due to be enabled toward the end of 2016.