The Web App & bespoke software

The Commercial Web App

Commercial installs require many more devices than a standard domestic install. They may also require an extended app with more features through which to control, monitor and schedule them. Whilst the LightwaveRF smartphone App can still be used in commercial installs, the LightwaveRF Web App is a more useful tool with which to organise very large installs from a PC or tablet, as its layout is intended to cope with many devices. This app is based on a web page, so it can be viewed from anywhere, and it has many more features than the standard domestic app (summarised below). There is also the possiblilty or some basic customisation if the project requires it, although please contact us to see if this is possbile and how much it may cost.

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Extra features

● Access to the Commercial Web App from anywhere
● Control up to 1000 LightwaveRF devices
● Add unlimited zones and rooms
● View live data readouts of device usage and status
● Server maintenance and software upgrades
● Direct telephone and online support
● Up to 20 user logins
● Secure login hierarchy for users and administration
● Compatibility with Smartphone App for remote access
● Ability to add to or upgrade Web App at any time

Add-ons & customisation

● Add your own personalised ‘skin’ including your own branding
● Add unlimited LightwaveRF devices
● Download and store device usage data including energy usage
● Create interactive maps of your building
● Remote management of Web App devices
● Analysis of data
● Provision of independent servers for extra security
● WiFi network extension to accommodate Lightwave Links
● Bespoke room control dashboards
● Language translations
● Site visits for support and specifying