Web control of radiators

Smartphone or PC control

LightwaveRF thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), thermostats and electric switches can be retrofitted to wet or electric radiators quickly and easily to provide remote room by room heating control and monitoring from the App. This extra control and feedback can prevent waste and increase savings.

For more information regarding controlling radiators in a commercial project please contact us at Enquiries@radmiser.co.uk

Optimise temperatures

The TRV allows schedules to be stored for each device on a seven- day basis. This allows different target temperatures in different areas at different times of the day. Schedules can ensure that radiators are never left on permanently; a user can ‘boost’ the temperature, but will return to it’s schedule after a set period. This minimises energy
waste and costs whilst still offering building occupants thermal comfort. The World Health Organisation suggests that a temperature of 21 degrees is optimal for the main living area of any home and 18 elsewhere. Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute found that temperatures exceeding 24 degrees move from thermal discomfort into increased risks of stroke and heart attack.

Potential savings

A simple way to save gas is to take control of radiator temperatures. Fitting TRVs can save up to 30% per radiator in terms of energy consumption. Warwick University’s LightwaveRF study confirmed that each degree increase in space heating required an additional 7% in energy. Simply introducing an accurate room by room target temperature that can be properly scheduled can make a saving. Tailored room by room schedules can increase this saving; at Warwick, reducing target from 24 degrees to 18 in common areas out of hours saved 42%. With LightwaveRF, schedules can be created, monitored and adjusted from anywhere from the App.