What can LightwaveRF do in a commercial building?

Provide instant web access

With the Web App, you can allow work colleagues to access the LightwaveRF system to adjust schedules or real-time controls. This can also be done remotely whilst away from the office.

Monitor & analyse power usage

Save money by identifying power hungry appliances and switching them off remotely using your smartphone. LightwaveRF dimmer switches and sockets can measure the consumption of energy of devices plugged into them (late 2016 release) which means that you can control your usage device by device. By also turning off unnecessary heating and lighting, very significant savings can be made.

Turn off lighting in empty rooms

Control and schedule large lighting circuits from the Web App with LightwaveRF dimmers and relays. Lighting can be turned on/off automatically using a PIR sensor or a daylight sensor. Automatically turn off lights when rooms are unoccupied to save energy, or turn off remotely from a smartphone if they have been left on after hours.

Fine tune temperatures

In large buildings, a great deal of energy can be wasted when the main heating circuit is turned on, but many rooms remain unoccupied and do not require heating. LightwaveRF can address this by providing remote control and scheduling for each individual wet or electric radiator in the building. This ensures that only the radiators that need to be turned on are turned on.

Schedule electric radiators

Electric heating is set to become increasingly prevalent in office buildings. The Electric Switch can be used to monitor and control the temperature of 3000W electric or far-infra red panels. They can now be temperature scheduled just like and alongside standard wet radiators as part of the same heating system.

Reduce heat loss from windows

When a window (or door) is opened, a LightwaveRF Magnetic Trigger can automatically instruct a LightwaveRF Radiator Valve to setback the temperature of a radiator. This can save significant amounts of energy. If the window is closed again, the heating is restored.

Take control of air-conditioning

Air-conditioning can be controlled using a LightwaveRF Electric or Boiler Switch and thermostat. This way you can save energy by ensuring that rooms are only as cool as they need to be when they are in use.

Automatically turn off appliances

Control powered devices via 13A plug sockets or relays accessible as unique devices from the commercial Web App. Ensure that computers, printers and other office equipment is turned off at the end of the day and automatically turned back on in the morning ready for work.

Provide a secure system

Secure password access means that the site administrator has total control of all devices linked to the Web App from anywhere. With dynamic logins, you can restrict users to the part of the system that you want to allow access to such as their own office.

Set timers and routines

Set lighting and heating routines that allow you to tailor your environment quickly and easily. These can be adjusted instantly, as can real-time temperatures, by whoever you allow system access at the touch of a button from a smartphone, PC or tablet.

View historic data and usage

The LightwaveRF Commercial Web App can provide a powerful data mining tool. You can view you past energy consumption, map your room temperature profile (and spot any problems with energy
performance and heat loss issues), or see how your office has been occupied during the day. All of this data helps you to adjust your schedules for your devices and to save energy.