Works with Nest

Use the LightwaveRF App to control the Nest thermostat

We are pleased to announce that LightwaveRF now works with the Nest Thermostat. This means that, if you have the LightwaveRF Android App and Lightwave Link, you can toggle any linked Nest Thermostat between Home & Away status. Conveniently control Nest from the same app that you use to control your LightwaveRF devices when leaving the house or arriving home.

Set home or away status

Once linked to the LightwaveRF App, Nest can also automatically trigger LightwaveRF Home or Away events when it experiences a change in its home/away status. This means that you can automatically change the status of LightwaveRF devices such as security lights, curtains and power sockets all at the same time. Perfect for when you leave the house or arrive home.


How to link to Nest

To link the Nest Thermostat to the LightwaveRF App, click the more tab on the menu bar on the App and select ‘add Nest thermostat’.

The LightwaveRF Android App is the first platform to support Nest. iOS compatibility is due to follow in the coming weeks.

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